Courtesy of Deco Flats @ Meriam Park

J M Watts Construction provides finish carpentry for residential / commercial projects and custom home building.

Joshua M. Watts is a third generation builder in his family.  Born with a hammer in his hand and 1991 Golden Hammer Award winner Josh puts the “J” into JM Watts Construction.

A true entrepreneur Josh brings an MBA degree to the table and applies the Fortune 500 business knowledge to building.  Josh has an innate ability to dominate at operations management.  He keeps the project moving at a good pace, while Mike makes sure that quality meets the Watts standard. 

Micheal R. Watts puts the “M” in JM Watts Construction.  He brings a wealth of experience to the table.  He has been a licensed building contractor since 1981 and serving the Chico California area ever since then.

With an attention to detail, Mike will help you get a quality finished product ensuring that your money and resources are not wasted on inferior workmanship.  Doing things the right way and not taking shortcuts is his motto.   If you want to see quality homes built by Micheal R. Watts take a drive down Watts Estates Drive.  These homes are well built and are a good representation of the quality that is important to JM Watts Construction.

Don’t squander or waste your money building a house that has a poor design and inferior workmanship.  Contact JM Watts Construction today let their team help you do the job right and make sure that your money is invested well in a good quality home. 

Josh & Mike